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Janet Elizabeth's computing activities

Janet Elizabeth enjoys helping people use computers and hopes these pages will help you to learn and gain confidence in using computers

I enjoy helping people use computers, especially beginners. I particularly want to help disabled and older people, and here are the activities through which I do this ...

My web-based computer help for beginners

Windows 10 start menu I have created web pages offering computer help for beginners. To visit my introductory computer help page, tap on the blue writing (blue clickie) in this paragraph.

There are separate pages of helpful tips on:
* accessibility: how to Train your computer
* preventing RSI or how to stay comfortable and avoid back pain etc while using your computer
* how to be safe .. from criminals and fraudsters as well as from viruses etc.

I teach computing for beginners at my local U3A and publish my supporting documents online.

Helping people "face to face"

this is a picture of me as a folkie singing a traditional song U3A - University of the Third Age I run a monthly Computer Beginners' group for my local U3A (University of the Third Age). We have about a dozen beginners registered. Everyone seems to enjoy it. Here are the latest documents for U3A Computer Beginners' Group.

Age UK I help at the local Age Concern / Age UK computer drop-in centre. Local older people come to the computer centre to learn how to do internet browsing and e-mail. Some are regular visitors, some come as beginners.

AbilityNet I work as a volunteer for AbilityNet in a programme called IT Can Help (punning on Information Technology Can Help). We give free computer help to disabled people in their own homes. Because behind a computer, everyone is equal.

MS Society In 2009 I created and ran a short computer training course for beginners, on behalf of the MS Society Brighton Hove and Sussex. I enjoyed running the beginners' course very much and I would like to do another one.

Other web pages I've set up

Janet Elizabeth When I created my first web site, I found in the end that I preferred writing in raw html code rather than letting someone else's programme decide how to code it. That encourages me to keep it simple, learn as I go and better understand what it does.

RSCDS Brighton Branch - Scottish ancing in Brighton, Hove and Sussex The RSCDS Brighton Branch Scottish dance pages (since 2007) make use of the often-ignored fact that the web is a network. I added web links to help readers find out about our venues and bands and to provide instant maps for them with one click of a mouse button. The more recent dance programmes have links to videos you can watch to see how the dances are done.
The branch logo was created for me by Charles.

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