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Documents for U3A Computer Beginners and Improvers

Janet Elizabeth hopes these pages will help you to learn and gain confidence in using computers U3A This page contains links to some of the computing help documents I created for the U3A. Please tap on any blue writing on this web page to "follow a link" and find out more about using computing devices.

If U3A members have any problems, please contact me through the U3A contact pages or phone me on 965350.

1. How to Avoid Being Fooled by Scams, a Pop-Up group (2019).

2. How to be a good guesser to help you better understand what your computer is doing

3. Be safe using your computer (2019)
4. Get to know your e-mail client (2016)
5. Set up Firefox and protect your privacy (2016)
6. Become a discerning user of the web
7. What are the internet and the web? (Exercises to help you understand)
8. Suggested web sites (2016)

Windows 10 Course for U3A Beginners (2015)

Windows 10 start menu 1. Should you Windows 10 or not??
2. Basic Introduction to Windows 10 for U3A members
3. How to de-clutter your computer screen in Windows 10 - a U3A document
4. How to Guard your privacy - a U3A document
5. Using Windows 10 touch gestures like swipe and pinch.

6. Three-minute video "Everything you need to know about Windows 10" featuring Jon Bentley
7. Gentle two-hour video "How to use a Computer Windows 10: Beginners" by Blissful Techno Health
Tap on JE to see (in a new window) Janet Elizabeth's computer help See also Janet Elizabeth's Computer help, my Report 2011-2015 for the U3A Archivist and previous U3A Computer Beginners' documents from 2013 (Windows 7) and 2012 (absolute beginners).

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