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Janet Elizabeth enjoying a folkie joke Janet Elizabeth singing a folk song Welcome to the home page of Janet Elizabeth (JE) ... folkie, Scottish country dancer, theatre-goer, armchair gardener and advisor to people beginning to use computers; advocate of fairtrade, charity shops and freecycle, Apple Macs and travel without private motor vehicles.

Below are links to pages about some of my interests. Tap on the image or the bolded text.

Windows 8 start screen I enjoy helping people use computers and do this in various ways:
AbilityNet I help disabled people as a volunteer with "IT Support at Home" Service, run by the charity AbilityNet, which offers free IT support for disabled and older people.
I help members of the local U3A, publishing my Computer Beginners' help documents for reference online.
I maintain separate web pages with more general computer help.

Janet Elizabeth and other folkies, resting during a folk weekend, taken by Zoran; tap to visit my JE folk page Singing is good for you, and I enjoy various kinds of music and song, mainly traditional varieties and especially when joining in! Styles include regular British Folk and Shapenote or Sacred Harp singing.
Different seasons offer different opportunities. In spring and summer there is song (including shapenote), music, dance and workshops at festivals, in the autumn there is the Bremf Brighton Early Music Festival and in the run up to Christmas the Brighton Pub Carols.

I have written a few ditties in folk style, my latest being All the Good Times are yet to come.

  RSCDS Brighton   dancing   SASS badge
I also enjoy traditional dance, especially Scottish Country Dancing and I am secretary and web manager for the RSCDS Brighton Branch.

Earth - image from the Blue Marble project at NASA's Earth Observatory Pulse at the Open Market Steve's picture of a crocus in snow Canterbury bus Duke of Yorks - those legs I have created a list of links for my favourite places for Theatre, live music and art, for Travel. for gardening, nature and science for sustainable shopping and a page on little ways to save the world.
I also have a page of word links and a presence, as they say, on Facebook, Flickr but I've given up with Delicious. For your entertainment, why not try some of my Trivia references?

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