Words, words, words

In case you were looking for the words to my songs, here are my May and September songs.
Snopes Use Snopes - to debunk those urban legends... copy a string of text from whatever you suspect to be rubbish and search for it in Snopes.
crystal clear - symbol for the plain English campaign The Campaign for Plain English campaigns against gobbledygook, jargon and misleading public information. For amusement, have a look at their Golden Bull awards. Web designers would benefit from reading their Tips for clear web sites.
WORLD WIDE WORDS - from a British viewpoint - Michael Quinion
allwords.com dictionary at AllWords.com with some translation, word search (ends with, etc.) and an excellent crossword aid.
Langenberg Langenberg meta-search dictionary using a range of online dictionaries
Dictionary of slang in English-speaking countries, from Peevish Web Design (not linked from their home page).
Crossword Answers from Wordsdomination Aid to solving crosswords - Crossword Answers by Wordsdomination and another, more complicated, one by OjoHaven.
Jason Wolfe's fascinating Zulu medical dictionary which includes how to pronunce the clicks.

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