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Documents for U3A Computer Beginners' 2014-15

Janet Elizabeth hopes these pages will help you to learn and gain confidence in using computers U3A This page contains links to documents created for the Computer Beginners' group of the Brighton and Hove U3A.

If you have any problems, please e-mail me at jer123 @ janetelizabeth.org.uk (no spaces) or phone me on 504506.

U3A Computer Beginners: Documents for Spring 2015

From January to April 2015 the meetings will be relevant to any computer that can access the internet (not just Windows 8). We will look first at e-mail, in particular
1. E-mail and attachments, an introduction
2. Receiving and saving attached files
3. Sending attachments
4. Shopping online
5. Quiz from September 2014
6. New quiz April 2015.

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Documents for Getting Started with Windows 8.1, Autumn 2014

In the Autumn term 2014 we explored Windows 8.1.

If you are using the original Windows 8, update to Windows 8.1. This costs nothing (a give-away in more ways than one). It takes 20-30 minutes and fixes a lot of problems. This is a laptop computer running Windows 8

See also the Beginners' Computing Group information in the U3A Brighton and Hove pages and Janet Elizabeth's Computer help. Tap on JE to see (in a new window) Janet Elizabeth's computer help
Also available are my Report 2011-5 for the U3A Archivist plus previous U3A Computer Beginners' documents 2013 and documents 2012.

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