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Documents for U3A Computer Beginners' Group, 2013-14

Janet Elizabeth hopes these pages will help you to learn and gain confidence in using computers U3A This page contains links to documents created for the Computer Beginners' group of the Brighton and Hove U3A.

If you have any problems, please e-mail me at jer123 @ janetelizabeth.org.uk (no spaces) or phone me on 504506.

Scroll down or follow this link for the documents on Internet Security published Spring 2014.

U3A Beginners' Computing: Documents for Getting Started, Autumn 2013

Laptop computer (by Jeff777bc, via wikimedia) 1. Be a Good Guesser - how to work out what your computer is up to.
2. Scrolling up and down a web page
3. Pointers - when is a pointer not a pointer?

4. Files, folders and Windows Explorer - how the Windows 7 filing system is organised and displayed; using the Windows Explorer window and its "navigation panel" to move files between folders.
The Windows 7 document filing system.
How to deal safely with invitations to install updates.

5. Configuring Firefox web browser, so you can save pdf documents (the next three topics)

6. Organising your Files - creating folders, saving documents from the web.
Downloading files, saving documents from the web to your computer.
7. Exercise to download or save a picture from the web and then attach it to an e-mail message. (You can use these techniques to create Christmas e-mail greetings.)

U3A Beginners' Computing: Documents on Internet Security, Spring 2013

reassuring image of a combination lock 1. Recognising E-mail Scams, Fraud and Identity Theft, including how to send details of an attempted fraud to the police.

2. How to safely browse the web (introducing some basic concepts), some suggested web sites for you evaluate, and how to be a discerning web user.

You could also try my web page Be Safe and Secure and follow the links you find there.
a gooogle map for U3A Brighton computer beginners group

Using Interactive Online Maps

Online maps by Google or Yahoo or Microsoft let you "zoom in" on any known address (preferably with post- or zip-code) and often a street-view or photograph too. You can also get a map showing directions from one location to another. The only way to learn to drive maps is to try it yourself, but you may find these helpful ...
Firefox users: Google Maps Help Centre
Safari users: Google's "classic" navigation controls and overview (probably).

And Finally ...

The end-of-year Quiz

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My U3A Computer Beginners' documents for this year and documents 2012 are also available.

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