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Janet Elizabeth's U3A Documents 2012-13

Janet Elizabeth hopes these pages will help you to learn and gain confidence in using computers U3A This page contains links to documents created for the Brighton and Hove U3A Beginners' Computing group.

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Beginners' Computing: Documents for Getting Started

Laptop computer (by Jeff777bc, via wikimedia) Getting Started - summarises and refers to the next three documents
Training your Mouse or your Touchpad
Finding your Keys - about the computer keyboard
Keypad diagrams - published by the BBC (four sides of A4 - need to be printed).
Dealing safely with invitations to install updates
Using a USB data stick or Flash Drive.
Scrolling Up/Down a Web Page
Pointers - When is a pointer not a pointer?
The Windows 7 document filing system
Being a Good Guesser on your computer.

Beginners' Computing: Videos for Getting Started

BBC Webwise video series: start with Icons and windows
YouTube video: Windows 7 Desktop Explained For Dummies
five-minute YouTube video: Using your touchpad.
BBC Webwise: Keyboard shooting gallery
Mousing Around games (these need Java installed).
Use these games to practise your skill and learn how your touchpad, keyboard, mouse and computer respond to what you are doing.
a USB data stick or flash drive Three-minute video: Using a USB Drive on Windows
Three-minute YouTube video: Computer Basics: Getting started with Windows from gcflearnfree.

About watching Videos

* Advertisements often appear over videos. If so, read the on-screen instructions or tap/click where indicated or the small X to stop the ad.
* The red line along the bottom of the video indicates how many minutes of the video have elapsed, eg 0:45 / 3:28. You can click or tap on the red line to jump to any time you want.
* To "pause" a video, tap or click on the pause button: ... || ... which is just below the video on the left, or press the space bar on the keyboard.

Beginners' Computing: Documents and Videos about E-mail

the envelope Google uses for Gmail Document: Getting started with Gmail with instructions for creating a new e-mail account
Document: Sending and Receiving messages with exercises for you to share with another member.

Video from Lifehacker: How to Get Started with Gmail (9 minutes).
Video from Anson Alexander: really fast, comprehensive 13-minute video: Gmail tutorial 2012; use of the Pause button and the red timer line recommended!

Document: E-Mail attachments
Document: E-Mail attachments - revision, saving images

Not using Gmail? Videos for Hotmail and for Thunderbird are provided by Daily Motion; ignore the video about creating a new account.

Beginners' Computing: Documents about the Internet and World Wide Web

Document: What are the Internet and the World Wide Web?
Video from CommonCraft: World Wide Web in plain English (sorry about the overprinting but it's the best video explanation I've found)
Videos from BBC Webwise: Internet Basics - try the first three in the row.

Video from About.com: Explains web page addresses: What is a URL?
Document: Recommended web sites for you to evaluate at home.
See also the Beginners' Computing group information in the U3A Brighton and Hove pages and Janet Elizabeth's Computer help.
My U3A Computer Beginners' documents for this year are also available. Click on JE to see (in a new window) Janet Elizabeth's computer help

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